The parrot


I live in a cage, and I have lived in it for a long time. How long? I don’t know. My memory is, as you know, not much to boast about. But that doesn’t mean that I am an idiot. I understand more than you think. But it is obvious that you like to laugh…

Hemingway, The Old Man and The Sea – part 1


LIFE. Ernest Hemingway presence in La Havana, Cuba, is irrefutable for any wanderer. In La Bodeguita del Medio you can drink mojitos (rum with mint and sugar) that Hemingway would drink. In El Floridita, the tourist should drink a “Daiquiri”, the drink Hemingway liked. Moreover, I’m aware nowadays there is a special Hemingway drink: a…

Pablo Neruda visit Machu Pichu


LIFE. “Like hundreds of visitors, I look out over the mighty ruin city of Machu Picchu in Peru. Below is the winding river Urubamba or Willcamayu, which in Quechua means “the sun’s river”. I sigh with amazement, as do hundreds of hundreds of tourists every day, at the sight of these high mountains and the…

What drives change?


LIFE. Why do people start truly valuing what they love when things deteriorate or worse yet when they lose them entirely? People are more motivated to move away from something they dislike and not towards something better. Consequently, it makes them have a scarcity mindset and focus on the negative. This can be explained by…

What’s your picture of the future?


  FUTURE. How can you build a picture of the future that isn’t dependent on the past? First ask yourself, does the way I see myself correlate or interfere with that future?



HAPPINESS. Do you remember how carefree you felt as a child during the holiday time? The smell of the tree, family gatherings and presents brought so much joy and excitement. Have you ever noticed how easy it is for children to experience joy? Most of them are practically walking representations of joy. Do we lose…

What’s the meaning of life?


LIFE. There can be many views of this question, including to simply live. I would answer – to fulfil dreams or realize plans. A few questions come to mind, fulfil how and realize what exactly? How is it determined what needs to be fulfilled in order to find meaning? Is it determined by a higher…

Be careful what you wish for!


LIFE. We all know the irony behind movies such as Bedazzled and similar stories. The funny part is that most of these stories have the same moral or message, “be careful what you wish for”. So what is meant by wishing carefully?

Närkontakt i en trumpifierad tid

Scen & film.

Ett av föregående filmårs vackraste möten tecknades i bläckliknande cirklar, när forskare lyckas kommunicera med rymdvarelser i Arrival. Karolina Bergström ser en samtid där pratsamma utomjordingar trängs med bilden av det fientliga rymdmonstret.

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