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Cryptocurrencies are a vital part of the new globalisation


    WORLD.  Globalization has been proclaimed dead in relation to the inflation problems, the war in Ukraine, and the recent Covie-19 pandemic. Different academics and experts have talked about deglobalization since 2020. However, new globalization is now being developed and also organized with decentralized technology such as cryptocurrencies.  Comments and myths about “the death…

Walls, fences, and a borderless world: Recent arguments


This article was originally published in 2019 by Amy Oloo via Democracy Without Borders blog.  FREEDOM. With millions of people across the world fleeing violence, oppression, economic desparation or because of environmental reasons, migration remains a key issue on the political agenda. Two years ago we reported on our blog that a powerful case was made…

New solutions for global risks?


CLIMATE. “The opportunity with the Stockholm + 50 conference is to get us back to focusing on fundamental global risks. At the same time as the ongoing war takes up a lot of attention”, writes Waldemar Ingdahl of the Global Challenges Foundation.

Being an individual yesterday, today and tomorrow


THE INDIVIDUAL. Historically, the notion of being an individual is a modern phenomenon because as humans throughout history, we have lived in more or less collectivist forms of polities, communities and social organizing. Questions about our existence, feelings and lifestyles are something we deal with daily. In the book “We are all individualists” (“Vi är…

The parrot


I live in a cage, and I have lived in it for a long time. How long? I don’t know. My memory is, as you know, not much to boast about. But that doesn’t mean that I am an idiot. I understand more than you think. But it is obvious that you like to laugh…

Pablo Reinoso at Chambord


Chambord is a 500-year-old castle in the Loire Valley, South of Paris. Magic operates when a contemporary artist is permitted to use its historic walls and grandiose park for his artworks!  This spring and throughout the summer, the castle is opened for visitors to come and enjoy its premises with a touch of grace: that…

Why Ukraine is winning “the crypto-war”


In connection with the war in Ukraine, political discussions are underway about whether Russia can avoid recently imposed sanctions by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? The concern that Russia can avoid sanctions through cryptocurrencies is not just exaggerated and unjustified. Cryptocurrencies are, at the moment, more beneficial for Ukraine. Thanks to its laws regarding digitization, blockchain, and…

How Africa Could Stabilize Global Gas Disruption


SANCTIONS. The Europeans and Africans are both experiencing structural and transformational setbacks right from the time of COVID19 in 2020 to late 2022 and through to the current Ukraine – Russia war. Most European and African economies were set for rapid recovery after the COVID pandemic but this boom run may not be possible as…

Global challenges demand global multistakeholder solutions


COMPLEXITY. Wars, diseases and major ecological collapses have existed as long as there has been human life on Earth. Humans have been heavily afflicted by such problems, but we have always risen from ashes. But imagine if, despite that the risks are low, a global catastrophe takes place without humanity being able to recover?

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