What’s the meaning of life?

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LIFE. There can be many views of this question, including to simply live. I would answer – to fulfil dreams or realize plans. A few questions come to mind, fulfil how and realize what exactly? How is it determined what needs to be fulfilled in order to find meaning? Is it determined by a higher power, by the universe or by you before you were born?


The answer will depend on what you believe in. I’m a firm believer that we all come to this life with a set of tasks, unique to each and every one of us. The realization of which will ultimately bring meaning and purpose. We also get an arsenal of instruments that are supposed to help us with the tasks. Some have incredible physical endurance, some are philosophically inclined, some are really good at reasoning, some have amazing intuition and some feel close to nature.

We all have a set of tools at our disposal that are there so we can realize the tasks. The biggest dilemma comes from attempting to figure out what we are here to ultimately do. It may be as simple as learning how to use our unique set of tools to serve the purpose we all came here for.

How do we recognize those tools and put them to use? I believe they are our talents, what we are really good at and enjoy doing. They are what we can talk about for days, abilities that can make us stand out. It’s also up to us to develop these abilities so they start serving us.

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All talents and abilities are important and valuable, but not all people allow themselves to follow their purpose and discover them. The key to finding meaning is freeing your mind from constraints and letting it uncover what your purpose is. What are your strong suits? What were you dreaming to become as a child?


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