Be careful what you wish for!

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LIFE. We all know the irony behind movies such as Bedazzled and similar stories. The funny part is that most of these stories have the same moral or message, “be careful what you wish for”. So what is meant by wishing carefully?


Some may say why do we need to wish in any specific way, it’s supposed to be spontaneous. Let me tell you a story.

One man dreamt of a better life – he disliked the house he lived in, the clothes he wore, and mostly everything around him. He would always think that if he had a better house, a beautiful wife and more money, he would be happy.

One day, he miraculously met a wizard. The wizard said to the man, “since you have been asking for so long, I will make it happen for you.” At first, the man couldn’t believe his luck. Nevertheless, he got his thoughts together and wished for a nice, big house, a beautiful wife who would be good at cooking delicious meals and lots and lots of money.

When he woke up the next morning, everything came true. He lived in a beautiful, luxurious home, where he was presented with a delicious breakfast cooked by his lovely wife. On top of everything, he had a never-ending source of money. At first, it seemed like a life of his dreams but as time passed the man realized that nothing in his new life ever changed and he wasn’t even close to feeling happy.

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Finally, he decided to call the wizard back and ask for happiness. The wizard came back and said that he already made all of the man’s wishes true, so he should just enjoy his happiness. The man replied that everything he has doesn’t bring him joy or happiness. Then the wizard explained, “you asked for a house but didn’t ask for warmth and cosiness of a home, you asked for a beautiful wife but not for love and understanding, you asked for money but not for joy, power, and freedom that can come with wealth”.

The man got excited and said, thank you, I understand everything, can I please have it now? The wizard said, since you know everything, now go and create it yourself and disappeared.

The moral of the story, always know your actual reasons for wishing something. The same happens with our wishes. When we wish something, we subconsciously give our brains a task, completion of which will be planned on the background. If the task isn’t specific enough, detailed enough or doesn’t contain enough visionary and energetic support, the completion will not lead to the result we are seeking.

In fact, it may turn into a completely different picture as happened with our character. The key here is to not only have an idea of what we want the end result to be but to visualize it in detail and create a feeling that matches what we desire.

In so many words, to build the result of our wish, visualize it and feel it through as if we already had it. Creative images feed our goals, plans and help create steps towards accomplishing our inner wishes. Our mind is like a monkey, it needs a pretty picture to be motivated enough to do the work.

Some people are better at visualizing their dream life than others. Most importantly, there is no magic behind it, just a great ability to think figuratively and make it a reality. The good news is that all of this can be learned. Who needs help developing their manifestation skills?


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