Why Ukraine is winning “the crypto-war”


In connection with the war in Ukraine, political discussions are underway about whether Russia can avoid recently imposed sanctions by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? The concern that Russia can avoid sanctions through cryptocurrencies is not just exaggerated and unjustified. Cryptocurrencies are, at the moment, more beneficial for Ukraine. Thanks to its laws regarding digitization, blockchain, and…

Redaktionellt mod


MEDIEDEBATT. “Säg att en krönikör skrev vettiga krönikor i Dagens Nyheter, men i andra sammanhang hävdade att Förintelsen aldrig ägt rum. Få skulle lyft på ögonbrynen om krönikören fått gå från DN.” Lars Thulin menar att Dagens ETC:s chefredaktör Andreas Gustavsson gjorde rätt som sparkade Kajsa Ekis Ekman. 

How Africa Could Stabilize Global Gas Disruption


SANCTIONS. The Europeans and Africans are both experiencing structural and transformational setbacks right from the time of COVID19 in 2020 to late 2022 and through to the current Ukraine – Russia war. Most European and African economies were set for rapid recovery after the COVID pandemic but this boom run may not be possible as…

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