Walls, fences, and a borderless world: Recent arguments


This article was originally published in 2019 by Amy Oloo via Democracy Without Borders blog.  FREEDOM. With millions of people across the world fleeing violence, oppression, economic desparation or because of environmental reasons, migration remains a key issue on the political agenda. Two years ago we reported on our blog that a powerful case was made…

Hon skriver om sina döva föräldrars revolt


TYSTNADSREVOLT. Claudia Durastanti växte upp med två döva föräldrar som inte kunde teckenspråk. I ”Främlingar jag känner” tecknar hon en kaotisk familjesaga om ett liv i marginalen – där hon söker sin plats genom en ”felinlärning” av språket.

Time for EU:s humanitarian update


HUMANITY. In “Pieces of the puzzle – Managing migration in the EU” researcher Bernd Parusel argues for a new European immigration policy and system based on human rights, social inclusion and global cooperation. One important conclusion is that if the EU cannot improve and learn from current failures, it will be more or less impossible…

Free movement for humans is not only about the economy


FREEDOM. One of liberalism’s main contributions to human progress are ideas about the free movement for individuals, as in the case of the European Union. Therefore, liberals and other actors need to remember that ideas of free movement are not only about economic aspects. The possibility to move freely and safely also depends on ideas…

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