Radio 208 är en sommarserie av Lars Thulin som bjuder på hitlåtar från 60- och 70-talet. (Collage: Opulens)

Radio 208: “War”/Edwin Starr 1970


SOMMARSERIE. Varje dag under Opulens sommaruppehåll presenterar Lars Thulin en hitlåt från 60- eller 70-talet. En utgångspunkt finns i fenomenet Radio Luxembourg som sände på frekvensen 208 meter. Tidigare delar hittas HÄR. 

Why Ukraine is winning “the crypto-war”


In connection with the war in Ukraine, political discussions are underway about whether Russia can avoid recently imposed sanctions by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? The concern that Russia can avoid sanctions through cryptocurrencies is not just exaggerated and unjustified. Cryptocurrencies are, at the moment, more beneficial for Ukraine. Thanks to its laws regarding digitization, blockchain, and…

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Some Thoughts


OPINION. There are ways to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict, argues Tomas Nordberg in this the third of articles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Oslo Accords provide the guidelines for reconciliation. We must go to the roots of the conflict to arrive at its solutions. For conflict solution, not just management, both sides need to exhibit…

The Palestine Question: The Two-State Solution


Throughout modern Israeli and Palestinian political history, there has been a realization that a balance must be struck between Palestinian aspirations for self-determination and Israeli legitimate security concerns. The Israeli settlements contribute to hardening the conflict and lessening the prospects for peace. Although international law prohibits moving one´s population to occupied ground, there are close…

“Kill her when you see her.” Hind Al-Eryani tells her story


INTERVIEW. Hind Al-Eryani is a writer and journalist from Yemen. She received the Arab Woman of the Year Award in 2017 in the category of Achievement in Public Awareness and is a member of the Yemenite Women Pact for Peace and Security. She is a well-known peace negotiator, journalist and activist for LGBTQ rights. Because…

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