Global challenges demand global multistakeholder solutions


COMPLEXITY. Wars, diseases and major ecological collapses have existed as long as there has been human life on Earth. Humans have been heavily afflicted by such problems, but we have always risen from ashes. But imagine if, despite that the risks are low, a global catastrophe takes place without humanity being able to recover? In…

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Some Thoughts


OPINION. There are ways to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict, argues Tomas Nordberg in this the third of articles on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Oslo Accords provide the guidelines for reconciliation. We must go to the roots of the conflict to arrive at its solutions. For conflict solution, not just management, both sides need to exhibit…

The complexity of globalisation


WORLD. Globalisation has historically often been interpreted as an economic and technological process. However, modern globalisation is a many-sided and complex process that has been hard or even impossible to predict, as in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. For more people to get involved in the world’s development, it is also necessary for democracy…

D10 – an alliance of democracies?


DEMOCRACY. For a long time, the idea of “A League of Democracies” has been suggested.  How could it influence world politics? Could 2021 be the year when the league is created?

The Great Reset as a recovery or a conspiracy?


WORLD. “The Great Reset” is a rising topic as the world is glimpsing the end of the Corona-pandemic. At the center of the discussions are the mentions made in articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, and a book written by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in collaboration with economist and consultant Thierry Malleret.…

The Tribalization of Europe


DEMOCRACY. The book The Tribalization of Europe. A Defense of Our Liberal Values by Marlene Wind is a welcomed contribution to discussions about Europe’s future. Wind’s message is that historical lessons are important to act against opportunism and populism. 

Antarctica can give a monopoly


CONFLICT. The only uninhabited continent could play a role in the political scene in the coming years. Due to the growing influence and role of environmental activists – Antarctica is becoming increasingly important, writes Filip Đukić. 

Risk of violence, discrimination and rights abuses in the time of Covid


VIOLENCE. A recent report released by the Norwegian Refugee Council and the UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency-led Global Protection Cluster (GPC) finds that millions of people internally displaced or affected by conflict could be missing out on humanitarian protection support due to insufficient funding.

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