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The Tribalization of Europe


DEMOCRACY. The book The Tribalization of Europe. A Defense of Our Liberal Values by Marlene Wind is a welcomed contribution to discussions about Europe’s future. Wind’s message is that historical lessons are important to act against opportunism and populism. 

Antarctica can give a monopoly


CONFLICT. The only uninhabited continent could play a role in the political scene in the coming years. Due to the growing influence and role of environmental activists – Antarctica is becoming increasingly important, writes Filip Đukić. 

Risk of violence, discrimination and rights abuses in the time of Covid


VIOLENCE. A recent report released by the Norwegian Refugee Council and the UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency-led Global Protection Cluster (GPC) finds that millions of people internally displaced or affected by conflict could be missing out on humanitarian protection support due to insufficient funding.

Global Risk Society


WORLD. As sociologist Ulrick Beck once wrote it, we are living in a global risk society. In order to understand different global risks and problems, we also need to understand our emotions, perceptions and interpretations of reality. For such reasons, the latest publication about global risks from Global Challenges Foundation is insightful. 

Globalisation is dead – Long live the globalisation!


OPENNESS. In his recent book Open – The Story of Human Progress, liberal intellectual Johan Norberg writes about the importance of openness concerning our behaviours and institutions. One of the books main messages is that through history, the most successful civilisations and polities have been based on willingness to cooperate, tolerate and include more individuals…

Concerning Belarus


DEMOCRACY. The situation in Belarus is one of cheating in the election, of violent replies to demonstrations by the government and removal of access to the internet. How did it come to this?

Free movement for humans is not only about the economy


FREEDOM. One of liberalism’s main contributions to human progress are ideas about the free movement for individuals, as in the case of the European Union. Therefore, liberals and other actors need to remember that ideas of free movement are not only about economic aspects. The possibility to move freely and safely also depends on ideas…

UN and the WHO call for decriminalisation of drugs


HUMAN RIGHTS. United Nations and the World Health Organization call for decriminalisation of all drug users and possession of drugs for personal use. In a joint statement on ending discrimination within health care settings, the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) urges all countries to decriminalise the use of all drugs and the…

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