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IDEAS. Has it ever happened to you that you came across a product, an invention, or service and realized that it was your idea? How did it make you feel? As we know, only a small % of ideas turn into something that works.

Why does it happen? What is stopping people with great ideas? There can be a countless number of reasons why we stop before starting.

Firstly, it’s difficult. We are afraid to start something because it’s scary and unknown. For a long time, I was fully involved in someone else’s cause that wasn’t aligned with who I am just because I didn’t believe it was possible to develop my own.

At some point, I realized that it will be more difficult to keep investing myself in something I don’t believe in than to go on my own path. I may not see the whole road ahead, but the path in front is enough to keep moving forward.

Another typical reason is – it’s not a good time right now. We may have a million excuses for not starting something, and many of them may look valid at the time because in that state of mind we aren’t open to options and possibilities.

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We find reasons for not starting now due to doubts that kill our motivation. Afterwards, we suffer and regret the lost time. I just started finding the antidote for my doubts, convincing myself that – Now is the time.

Analysis – paralysis. When we are unsure in which direction to move, we tend to overthink even things we were certain about. We tell ourselves that we don’t know enough, aren’t experienced enough, aren’t ready yet, still need to do more research.

At some point, I realized that I just need to act, otherwise everything will stay in the theory stage.

Last but not least, it can be about being stuck in a bad experience. When we dwell on something that didn’t work, we deprive ourselves of the lessons that we were supposed to learn, lessons that would aid us in the process further. This creates an unwillingness to continue trying.

It was essential for me to shift my mindset from beating myself up for bad decisions to taking them as learning experiences. Results are a reflection of our actions.

This text was published in cooperation with the author via https://mindfreeing.com/. Photo taken by Irena Zavarsky

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