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Photograph: Pixabay.com. Edited by Opulens. MILITARISM. The Chilean government raised the subway ticket price by 30 pesos. On Thursday morning, October 17, small groups of students evaded paying for their tickets, skipping the controls in some subway stations. I took the Santiago subway. There was a tense but calm atmosphere. The calm before the storm.…




    IDEAS. Has it ever happened to you that you came across a product, an invention, or service and realized that it was your idea? How did it make you feel? As we know, only a small % of ideas turn into something that works. Why does it happen? What is stopping people with…

Becoming a superhero


SUPERHEROES. What’s so special about them? Let’s take Batman, who is commonly discussed for not really possessing any unique superpowers. At first glance, it looks as if he is a regular person who somehow also belongs with other superheroes for his accomplishments in their line of work.

It is Swing Time!


DANCE. Entering Tims Mints, a bar in the heart of old Riga, on a weekday might surprise you with an intriguing scene brimming energy.

Extinction Rebellion (XR): Better actions for large scale transformation


CLIMATE. Large scale protests are taking place around the world, from Hong Kong and Chile to Sudan, Lebanon and Barcelona. We might be experiencing a different global new age of echoing common cause. People, especially young generations, have felt anger and a strong inner urge to revolt against the current status quo, even before knowing…

Europe at the Crossroad: Decline or Reconstruction?


SOCIAL EUROPE. Uncertainty and unease surround both Europe´s current predicament and future prospects. Be it national governments devoid of European solidarity, the self-contained Brussels bureaucracy or fear of another economic recession. The status quo in Europe contains much to be concerned about.

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