New solutions for global risks?


CLIMATE. “The opportunity with the Stockholm + 50 conference is to get us back to focusing on fundamental global risks. At the same time as the ongoing war takes up a lot of attention”, writes Waldemar Ingdahl of the Global Challenges Foundation.

Nordic Fashion

Future Nordic Fashion


  FASHION. The nordic fashion that’s shown at Prince Eugene, Waldemarsudde, situated in Stockholm Royal Park, doesn’t have much resemblance to anything Nordic except for its name. 


Zorn: a Swedish superstar


ART. This is a somewhat equivocal title for this spring’s exhibition of the painter Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920), showing at our National Museum in Stockholm. It’s true that he was well-known, but for some, he’s outdated. I tried to find out what such a traditional painter can offer a contemporary viewer.  

No to Winter Olympics in China during an ongoing genocide!


Winter Olympic games in a country with concentration camps? Are Swedish athletes expected to bobsled through a gulag?  Have their equipment carried, not by volunteers, but by forced labor with bruises on their backs? It should be completely out of the question. Sweden has no choice but to boycott the Winter Olympics in China next…

Misschiefs Takeover


Misschiefs, a feminist collective, highlights Swedish women, artists, and designers in a fun and interdisciplinary way. Unique in its form and layout. It’s opened to the public and free of charge in the centre of Stockholm.

Poetry Against All (a diary)


LITERATURE. A Swedish emigrant travels back to Sweden to work on a book and ends up writing another book – about pornography, poetry, foreignness and Lars Norén. Born in Lund, Sweden, Johannes Göransson now lives in South Bend, Indiana, where he teaches at the University of Notre Dame. He’s the author of seven books, including…

On translation and Ann Jäderlund’s latest book


POETRY. Ann Jäderlund first became famous in Sweden in the late 80s and early 90s with a pair of books that blended pastoral imagery with experimental cut-up techniques: Som en gång varit äng (Which once had been meadow) and Snart går jag i sommaren ut (Soon into the summer I walk out). The heated reception…

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