Fight for your rights!


RIGHTS. The 2020s could be a decade when new systems and functions concerning rights are developed. But the future development can be both light and dark, depending on which ideas win more support and acceptance in public debates. Keeping in mind the 2010s nationalist and populist development where human rights are despised, at the same…

No to Winter Olympics in China during an ongoing genocide!


Winter Olympic games in a country with concentration camps? Are Swedish athletes expected to bobsled through a gulag?  Have their equipment carried, not by volunteers, but by forced labor with bruises on their backs? It should be completely out of the question. Sweden has no choice but to boycott the Winter Olympics in China next…

What is the conflict in Georgia about?


Recently, the leader of a major opposition party in Georgia was detained, despite calls from the outside world for dialogue and restraint. Prime Minister Giorgi Gakhari resigned last week, alleging the plans to arrest the opposition leader to be the cause that risks plunging the country in crisis. But what is the conflict really about?…

Time for EU:s humanitarian update


HUMANITY. In “Pieces of the puzzle – Managing migration in the EU” researcher Bernd Parusel argues for a new European immigration policy and system based on human rights, social inclusion and global cooperation. One important conclusion is that if the EU cannot improve and learn from current failures, it will be more or less impossible…

“Kill her when you see her.” Hind Al-Eryani tells her story


INTERVIEW. Hind Al-Eryani is a writer and journalist from Yemen. She received the Arab Woman of the Year Award in 2017 in the category of Achievement in Public Awareness and is a member of the Yemenite Women Pact for Peace and Security. She is a well-known peace negotiator, journalist and activist for LGBTQ rights. Because…

Concerning Belarus


DEMOCRACY. The situation in Belarus is one of cheating in the election, of violent replies to demonstrations by the government and removal of access to the internet. How did it come to this?

UN and the WHO call for decriminalisation of drugs


HUMAN RIGHTS. United Nations and the World Health Organization call for decriminalisation of all drug users and possession of drugs for personal use. In a joint statement on ending discrimination within health care settings, the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organisation (WHO) urges all countries to decriminalise the use of all drugs and the…


From within Julian’s cell, one can understand society


HUMAN RIGHTS. Citizens of the world, or should I say, individuals, the spotlight is once again on Sweden’s judicial system. A long-time has passed since prosecutors in Sweden started a preliminary investigation, that later was referred to as the Julian Assange case. To this day it continues to haunt Swedish authorities, even after discontinuing the…

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