Are cryptocurrencies good for the planet?


DECENTRALISATION. Cryptocurrencies are often criticised for having a negative impact on the environment and climate. This is particularly the case with Bitcoin in relation to carbon emissions and ecological footprint. Despite such problems, in the future different cryptocurrencies will be able to contribute to climate transformation and greener economic interactions.

The Great Reset as a recovery or a conspiracy?


WORLD. “The Great Reset” is a rising topic as the world is glimpsing the end of the Corona-pandemic. At the center of the discussions are the mentions made in articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, and a book written by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in collaboration with economist and consultant Thierry Malleret.…

Globalisation is dead – Long live the globalisation!


OPENNESS. In his recent book Open – The Story of Human Progress, liberal intellectual Johan Norberg writes about the importance of openness concerning our behaviours and institutions. One of the books main messages is that through history, the most successful civilisations and polities have been based on willingness to cooperate, tolerate and include more individuals…


Globalism for Dummies – the case for polycentric governance


WORLD. According to many studies, the 2010s was the most prosperous decade in global history. Globalisation, often defined as higher levels of economic and technological flows, has despite its problems resulted in rapid advancement of human progress. Levels of extreme poverty, illiteracy and mortality have all been reduced greatly. Despite backlashes often labelled as ‘Brexit…

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