Johannes Göransson

The Scream: Sean Bonney’s Our death


POETRY. Sean Bonney’s poems do, in the end, express a great belief in poetry. In one poem, Bonney contemplates ‘loneliness’, an effect that grows in power to encompass ‘Syria’ and ‘Templehof’, an effect that ‘destroys private property’,  says Johannes Göransson in this essay.

Poetry Against All (a diary)


LITERATURE. A Swedish emigrant travels back to Sweden to work on a book and ends up writing another book – about pornography, poetry, foreignness and Lars Norén. Born in Lund, Sweden, Johannes Göransson now lives in South Bend, Indiana, where he teaches at the University of Notre Dame. He’s the author of seven books, including…

Lyrik med laddat bildspråk


MERSMAK. “Bilder som jag vid första och andra läsning inte lade någon större vikt vid framträder snart med ett sugande djup”, skriver Michael Larsson om Iman Mohammeds aktuella diktsamling.  Han ser fram emot fler dikter av samma poet.

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